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10 Ideas for NotePD Focused on Community

Some random ideas to gamify idea creation. @paolo

    1. Idea drop-mic

    The craziest ideas for a topic.

    Or pick one of the pressing global issues and have NotePDer drop ideas to solve it. The winner is based on the number of likes for the idea list. The idea list can be shared with the relevant party to help them.

    2. Idea tree visualization

    Trace the origin of an idea or how ideas are morphing into other ideas. Check which ideas have the longest branch or trunk.

    3. Idea Water Cooler

    A live place to chat about ideas, streaks, etc. It could be a monthly event over zoom, twitter space, clubhouse, or other tools.

    4. Random co-authoring

    A program that, if you participate in, you get invited to co-author an idea list randomly. The topic may be chosen, or one of the authors needs to start.

    5. Ideas anatomy

    What do your ideas tell about you. Maybe stats about the most written topics, the words used, etc.

    6. Idea chart

    Visualize the progress in a spider chart using attributes like creativity, authenticity, risk-taking, novelty, etc. If I score low on risk-taking, I may want to improve risk idea taking by creating an idea list around topics that need a bit of risk taking mindset. You get the point :)

    7. 60s Idea Game

    Maybe add time constraints to some type of idea list, or maybe a weekly 60s Idea Game that anyone can participate in.

    8. My Idea list AI

    Not a generic AI, but each NotePDer's own AI. The AI gets trained continuously based on the idea list and the feedback from the community through likes and comments. This can be expensive, but maybe people want to pay to have their idea AI, which they can nurture with new ideas.

    9. Still thinking

    10. Almost midnight here, I will sleep on it.

    “Never Go To Sleep Without A Request To Your Subconscious Mind” – Thomas Edison

    I will request more ideas to my subconscious :)

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