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10 Ideas for random products

    1. A reflector that reflects people with bright headlights back to them

    2. How has Tostito's not designed a wider "salsa/queso dip" jar to be better for hands?

    3. A virtual book shelf

    A friend can tap a book on your virtual shelf and access it from their phone as long as they are within range

    4. "Garmin wellness Centers"

    How Apple created an entire ecosystem of products that work with each other, what company would be better to create "wellness centers" that revolve around their wearables?

    5. Event Tickets Card or Wearable

    Pretty sure Google Pay must be doing something like this, but a wearable or some type of clever account that let's you sync all of your event tickets in one place. Probably a terrible product idea since everything is plenty enough on a phone.

    6. "Expiring chips" (more of a sci fi idea)

    Plenty of science fiction and horror data sci fi stories about having "chips" as identifiers. Maybe more of a sci fi idea, but instead of a permanent implant, something that disappears over time, like a tattoo ink that only lasts one year

    7. Home Based Drones

    Instead of drones for photography or logistics. There is already a pizza shop that uses robots to make the pizza. What about a drone that can easily lift plates from kitchen to room or living room? The cook probably won't like that. But there may be some more advanced tech

    8. A Fiber Pill that makes fasting easier

    Not sure if this can be done healthily. But basically a pill that makes fasting easier. I just finished a 5 day water only fast and I wonder if there was a pill that could make me not hungry for those 5 days. Maybe just a no nutrient fiber pill that makes you feel full, but contains no carbs fat sugar or protein that does nothing but make your digestive system work.

    And would you still be able to experience hgh increase, Ketosis, and autophagy? Otherwise it might not be worth it outside of someone seeking an extreme weight loss idea.

    9. A short book about my fasting experience

    10. A necklace, or wearable lanyard that let's you wear around your NFT's.

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