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Places That I Might Enjoy Living That Are Less Expensive Than Long Island and New York (Everywhere)

    1. Nashville, Tennessee

    Pros: Nashville has a blossoming job market, offers great live music, vibrant nightlife and a delicious BBQ scene, no state income tax.

    Cons: Lots of traffic, lacking public transportation, very competitive job market, so no guarantee that you can get in with a company that you want.

    2. Tampa, Florida

    Pros: Cliché, but the weather is much more bearable than New York winters. I would probably have no shortage of neighbors and friends that are native New Yorkers. Great golf courses, beaches and great college football scene. No state income tax.

    Cons: Hurricanes, need a car to live there, intense summer heat and humidity, bugs galore.

    3. New Hampshire

    Pros: My best friend from college lives here. Natural beauty in a tranquil setting. Crystal clear lakes to swim and fish in. Plus, lush forests to hike and explore. Close proximity to Boston, a major Northeastern city. Great golf courses - Mt. Washington Golf Course and The Panorama Golf Course are two of the nicest courses I've ever played. No state income tax and no sales tax.

    Cons: Northeastern winters, laughable public transportation system, high property taxes, lack of employment options.

    4. Austin, Texas

    Pros: Austin is a booming tech hub with growing employment opportunities. It's millennial friendly. There's no shortage of outdoor recreation and there's a great food scene. I've got some friends that live and work there. No state income tax.

    Cons: Locals that are hostile toward transplants, intense heat and humidity in the summer, lack of diversity, terrible traffic.

    5. Las Vegas, Nevada

    Pros: No shortage of entertainment in Las Vegas! Never a shortage of things to do. Mild weather year round. Access to outdoor recreation. No state income tax.

    Cons: Lack of public transportation. Jobs in Las Vegas are heavily skewed to low paying jobs that don't require a college education (tourism, entertainment, and hospitality). Personally, I think the higher education system is a racket, but I've invested enough money in my education that I may as well take advantage of the perceived value of it.

    6. Seattle, Washington

    Pros: Proximity to nature, great career opportunities, highly educated population, phenomenal summers with no humidity, no state income tax.

    Cons: High cost of living, constant traffic, and the "Seattle Freeze" from natives who give the cold shoulder to transplants. Not much in the way of diversity.

    7. Denver, Colorado

    Pros: Denver is downright beautiful and a nature lover's paradise. Millennial friendly, thriving job market, a thriving food scene, and a vibrant sports scene (if you're into sports).

    Cons: Lack of public transportation, terrible traffic.
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