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10 Ideas for Smart Cities

Great challenge.

    1. Wireless charging

    Maybe there's a good reason this isn't already a thing, but could you insert wireless chargers into lampposts so that whenever you're near one your phone would charge a little.

    For normal day to day activities this would be great, but it's even more useful in the night when you're phone's dead and you need help getting home.

    2. Led stripe paths

    Could you get a more advanced version of the led strip's you put behind your TV and put them at the sides of path's.  

    I think this would subtly make people happier.  It's like when you see fairy lights at Christmas.  A small thing that makes you smile.

    3. Wide variety of shops

    You want a wide variety of place's to shop at.  It's always fun to explore new places.

    4. Free WiFi

    When I go on holiday I don't always buy data.  The more free WiFi spot's the better.  This should be something all cities should have.

    5. Fun activities

    Bowling, axe throwing, laser quest, cinema etc.  The more the better.  This would reduce crime and increase happiness.  All cities should have lot's of fun things to do.

    6. Restaurants

    The more great food the better.  Real restaurants not fast food.

    7. Updates

    They're should be review's every year and updates should be made all the time.  Knock down buildings and replace them with something better.  This should be done as quick as possible (without it impacting quality).  I've seen too many cities that are relic's of the past.

    8. Art

    Art should flood the city.  Cool architecture. Make it beautiful.

    9. Community

    Encourage community.  Coffee shops, pubs, music, comedy etc.  Bring the people together as much as possible.
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