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10 Ideas For Soccer Practice Tonight

This won't likely benefit many people here on NotePD, but when your team's trainer calls out sick, and you've got a few hours before practice, why not come up with some ideas?

For those who are youth soccer coaches, this is for a U11 team. If you are, let me know!

    1. Keep it simple.

    1 warmup, 2 drills, 1 game.

    2. Pass & Move

    10 yard squares with 3 players passing to the space ahead of the receiver, 2-touch. Eye contact, pass then run in the opposite direction you sent the ball.

    3. 'Over The River'


    4. 4-Post Passing Variations

    Link, or this 3-person one.

    5. With Urgency!

    2 outnumbered defenders must clear the ball away with 3 onrushing attackers close behind. Attackers can go to goal if they win possession. Defenders score +1 by conceding a nearside throw in, ball played over the attackers' heads, or +2 by breaking the press and dribbling out with composure.

    6. Mark Quick!

    On all set pieces, if attackers are not marked within 20 seconds, the lost defenders are off the field for 1 full minute, creating an advantage for the attacking team.

    7. Assist!

    During the scrimmage, highlight appropriate speed of play by awarding +1 Goal when an Assist! is properly made, before the pressure overtakes the ball carrier.

    8. 2-Touch Channel

    Attacking team must play at least one ball through the Channel, where the Channel player only has 2 touches to keep possession and continue the attack before scoring.

    9. Freeze Free Play

    Let them play without restrictions in a scrimmage, freezing play to point out learning opportunities, ideally in keeping with 1-2 themes if possible.

    10. Reward them with World Cup at the end of the session IF they stay focused.

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