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10 ideas for something you could do in one weekend

H/T @lovingkindnesscomedy

Your great list inspired me to respond. Or rationalize. I'll let others decide


    1. Learn some songs on the ukulele

    First, I would have to buy a ukulele. But I am working on some stuff on a single-not tin whistle. Techniques involve note length, force used, breath control, tongue the fractional notes, and of course keeping rhythm.

    2. Take a weekend trip

    Used to do this all the time. Now with the teenage kids, it seems like more problems than it is worth. Have mostly replaced them with day trips. And not enough of those

    3. Read a book

    I have so many books and periodicals in my house that I intend to read. But never get around to. Setting aside two days to accomplish that is a great idea.

    4. Incorporate a business

    No idea how to go about this but I think it can be done in an hour or so, tops.

    5. Start a YouTube channel

    Another thing that I have no idea how to do. And at this point have no desire to do. But figuring out how to just in case shouldn't be too hard.

    6. Write and publish an eBook

    While I know this is doable, I'm not sure anything I could write in a weekend would be worth publishing. I don't think we need more bad books around. Regardless of format.

    7. Launch an e-commerce store

    Maybe if I combined this with incorporating a business. Perhaps the fact that i now have a "real business" would inspire me to put more effort into it. I have an idea on a couple different range of products, but they don't seem to merge well. So maybe two different stores? Not sure.

    8. Watch all the Harry Potter films

    Did something similar many years ago with my son. We went to a screening of all the MCU movies (at that time), culminating in the first Avengers movie. Doing this in a theatre with a couple hundred fans made for a cool experience.

    9. Make a new friend

    While I'm not sure someone gets put into my "friend" category in a weekend, this is a great idea and something I should do more of. People move through my life, but I have connections with very, very few. And those I do, the connections are tenuous and break easily.

    10. Write a short story

    Been working on this one, occasionally, for more than a year now. Almost ready to admit that I am not the person to be writing that particular story.

    11. Wasn't feeling very inspired today. Holidays and I often don't get along. But your list has given me more energy not to let the day just pass by. Carpe Diem.

    12. Thank You and Blessings to everyone at this special time of year.

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