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10 Ideas for Summer Businesses

It's summer and I live in a tourist state. Let's find some opportunities to provide services and make some money.

10 Ideas for Summer Businesses

    1. Personal, In-Home Dinner Parties

    Rent a house on the water, have guests sign up in groups of 4-8, and hire a professional chef and server for the night. Private, personal dining with a view. No crowds.

    2. Italian Ice Cart

    Doens't exist in my area. I don't know why. It's a phenomenal summer treat. It would clean up in the major tourist walking area.

    3. Vacation Home-to-Downtown Shuttle Service

    People rent cars, sure, but swing around the tourist areas (and islands) with attractive vehicles and bring people into the main areas of town and/or the major sightseeing locations. You can set this up with an app or a regularly scheduled service booking ahead of time.

    4. Take-Home Gift Packages

    You can go into most stores and there is a "made local" aisle or endcap so you can bring home locally made, but nobody seems to make it easy to grab one bag or box on your way out of town for your friends or house sitters. Better yet, make it easy to order from wherever you are and have it sent. No need to take up valuable carryon space with a bunch of potato chips and candy.

    5. Gift Packages Tailored to the Location You're Looking At

    Take a photo of the lighthouse in front of you and have the app come up with ideas based on where you are or what you're enjoying for special gifts to send to your family (or for you, too!)

    6. Summer Kid's Recreational Sports Leagues

    Kids need to run around. Put them into a sports league with other kids from around the world. They might learn a thing or two about different games from other places.

    7. Guaranteed Dining Pass

    Like a way to guarantee your table at the best places in town - you pick a set number of nights and the restaurants guarantee you a table at least one of those nights (the system coordinates which places you have and havent been to so you don't miss out). Maybe connect this through some other big promotional tool like a credit card (e.g. Amex's Global Dining program).

    8. Vacation Food/Supply Delivery

    Like freshdirect but you set it up ahead of time so that every morning you get a fresh box of supplies and food from local, awesome places delievered to your vacation house.

    9. Rolling Cookouts

    (Somehow I'm only fixated on food today) - like a block party that anyone can come to, and it moves around town/the area so everybody can come out if they want to. Charge admission at the gate.

    10. Boat Party Boats

    They do this on a large scale in Florida and the Caribbean, but downsize it and have it for a small group of people. Pay up front, go out for the day, fully stocked boat with chef and music (optional). And float around the waterways. No cleanup, no mess, just a good time in the sun on the water.

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