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10 ideas for the NS Savannah

The U.S. Maritime Administration is in the process of decommissioning the NS Savannah, the world's first nuclear-powered cargo vessel. The question is what to do with her next.

    1. Make her into a hotel

    The Savannah has all the features of a great hotel: she's big (over 6000 rooms), she's unique (the only floating hotel with a nuclear reactor), and she's in a great location. She was built in 1959 to travel from Savannah, Georgia to New York City and back. There are no other hotels that can say that.

    2. Turn her into the world's greatest cruise ship

    There are many "adventure" cruise ships where you go up rivers and stuff. But there aren't any luxury cruise ships that take you from NYC to London or LA to Sydney or NYC to Dubai. The Savannah could be retrofitted with luxury amenities, air-conditioned staterooms, restaurants, casinos, etc. She can make the trip in about 6 days (which is similar to most cruises).

    3. Turn her into an office building

    The Savannah is over 2500 feet long. That's bigger than most office buildings in Manhattan or San Francisco. So why not turn it into an office building? It would be much more fun to work on the top deck than some glass box on Wall Street or Silicon Valley.

    4. Make it a museum!

    Since it was the first nuclear powered cargo ship, maybe we should keep it around as a museum. Since it has such a huge history of shipping and trade between America and Asia this would be an interesting story for future generations who probably don't know how important trade routes were between Asia and America before planes took over as the primary means of transportation between continents.

    5. Make it into...a floating casino!

    Since there are no laws against gambling on water this would be an easy way to make money off of the ship since you'd have no overhead costs at all! I'm sure people would gamble just for fun even if they weren't betting with their own money but I'm not sure how legal this is so maybe someone smarter than me can figure that out. This might also solve problem #1 above since turning it into a hotel would mean you couldn't use it as a casino anymore but turning it into both would solve both problems at once!

    6. Make it into...a crypto center!

    I'm sure many crypto projects need servers somewhere close by major exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ) and data centers (NYC area). Why not put them all on one giant floating server farm? With enough electricity generated by the nuclear reactor this could be very efficient for companies needing these services close by major financial centers without having to pay for land or real estate for these facilities.

    7. The world's best party boat!

    Every weekend have parties on board for rich kids who want to party without drinking too much because they have work in midtown Monday morning . Put some nightclubs on board and get some DJs from Ibiza or wherever else they come from these days . Charge $750 per person per night , which includes food , drink , dancing , etc . And make billions !

    8. A floating Uber headquarters! - See idea #17 below!


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