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10 ideas for tourism-related businesses

10 ideas for tourism-related businesses

    1. Photographer at touristy spots

    I remember vaguely thinking of doing this a long time ago, and I was wondering if people would actually pay money to get their picture taken. I thought maybe using a Polaroid would add a fun element to it. But of course people pay for that! My girlfriend and I were recently approached by a guy doing this near the Colosseum in Rome, and now I'm surprised I don't see this more often. He has professional equipment (with lighting and all), takes a bunch of pics and charges 5€ per picture. He says he needs a permit from the city and he has a whole team.

    2. Photographing / video recording people having experiences

    I wrote about this in a previous list with the idea of a drone recording business to film people having hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia (I haven't checked if this would be possible, it's likely it wouldn't be allowed because of air regulations). I think the hot air balloons have cameras set up inside; I remember they offered to sell us a picture afterwards. That's the idea: photograph/record people having a fun time and come up to them afterwards.

    • Kayaking in Norway
    • Machu Pichu hike
    • Couples walking on a beautiful beach
    • ...

    3. Plan specific types of trips for people

    • Wild camping trips
    • Train trips
    • Remote villages you haven't heard of
    • ...

    4. An app that plans your stay according to your preferences

    Complete your profile with as much detail as possible. Pick a destination. You'll get a full list of things to do (with an optional schedule), tailored just for you.

    5. An app that puts you in touch with other travelers (and maybe locals) based on your profile

    No swiping or anything like that. Input your destination and the dates of your trip, and the app will generate a group chat with a bunch of other people to hang out with.

    6. An app that gives you a list of the museums you won't find boring

    And for each museum, it summarizes what you find in it so you don't have to read everything.

    7. Stereotypical Experience

    A business that organizes a stereotypical experience for you. If you're in Belgium, you'll go to the important beer places (maybe you'll even brew your own beer), you'll eat waffles (maybe drive a waffle truck), etc.

    8. An app that plans everything for you

    Usually not how I like to travel, but I would try this, and a lot of people would like it. Maybe this could work with AI. Similar to #4 but for a whole itinerary. It could either just be a way to book your transportation and accommodation or it could incorporate aspects of idea #4.

    You input your itinerary, indicate when you'd like to wake up, whether or not you're okay with arriving late, preferred transportation method, etc. You input your preferences when it comes to accommodation. Maybe some other things as well (avoiding crowds, number of transits, beautiful views, etc.). You get a result with a price, and if you like it, you buy it. You'll get all the tickets sent to you along with reminders, etc.

    This would make you plan your trip in a few minutes instead of many hours. Of course, many people (myself included) find that planning the trip is part of the fun. I remember Ali Abdaal mentioning that while he's used to outsourcing things, he realized that planning a trip might not be something to be outsourced precisely for that reason. Still, I would be very curious to try something like this. And it would certainly help decrease tensions when you're traveling with someone :)

    Actually, maybe this already exists? I haven't checked whether any of the things on this list already exist.

    9. Providing tourists with an assistant who does everything

    Translating, chauffeuring, showing you around, etc. Again, not quite my type of traveling, but could be interesting to try.

    10. An app that lets tourists sleep in different kinds of establishments

    I remember hitchhiking in the US, seeing a sofa store and thinking "man, it'd be great if they let us sleep there."

    If it's targeted towards budget travelers, I'm not sure how it would be profitable, although maybe business owners could provide their establishment for free just like on Couchsurfing, out of good will and/or for a fun experience (they could meet), and the app would be the one making a profit through membership fees (maybe). Of course, I'm guessing this would be too risky for businesses because of liability issues, potential damage, etc. but I find the idea appealing: sleeping in a supermarket, in a furniture store, in a pub, in a candy store, etc.

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