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10 ideas from Jerry Weintraub's "When I Stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead."

Some ideas from his book...

    1. Selling courses

    Weintraub helped chess player Bobby Fischer make a deal to turn his skills into a course.

    2. Follow your dreams literally

    Weintraub's success with Elvis came following a dream he had that he wrote down.

    3. Talk to your parents

    They will be gone some day (if not already)

    4. Hollywood and global politics operate together.

    Weintraub's book isn't the only influential figure who discusses involvement with politics. Others include Wasserman and Ovitz.

    5. It's always about the money...?

    A Jewish religious figure (don't want to mistake what they were called) asked Weintraub for help. Weintraub gave a check for $10k. They rejected the check, said it's not about the money, then said they needed help to make $8MM.

    Maybe a better lesson is, when you need a lot of money, it goes beyond just asking a few people for it. Or sometimes the problem is bigger than any single person can handle. (the story is much more tragic, worth reading to find out)

    6. Make friends with politicians

    Weintraub was friends with the Bush family quite early. And they often helped each other a lot.

    7. Don't go to important friends with frivolous stuff

    Weintraub would never go to important friends with frivolous problems.

    8. Falling in love with someone else doesn't have to ruin you

    Probably one of the more controversial ideas. Weintraub kept his marriage and after many decades fell in love with someone else. him and his wife accepted the situation and stayed together happily.

    9. Leverage new media

    Weintraub was constantly upping his game by pushing new media opportunities. Doesn't have to necessarily be the next big technology, but pushing artist's to challenge themselves to do new media to them. Sinatra on television, Fischer on training courses, etc...

    10. Trust your Maverick senses

    Weintraub left one of the top jobs in Hollywood early in his career to try something on his own. He probably would have become hugely successful either way.

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