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10 Ideas I Got From The James Altucher Show #832

Mostly everyone I know is trying to get to the next thing because the thing we sitting in front of us isn't good enough. Each podcast that I listen to, regardless of who it is, is a masterclass when you know how to listen.

    1. The Number - I am in the process of creating my number broken down into 3 distinct categories - How much money I need to live. How much money I need to save. How much money I need for entertainment. I

    2. Start (Bloom Where You're planted) Go play (Fun) + Get a Spark (Traction)= Infinite Possibilities.

    3. Keep expenses low - Get guaranteed Income - Put out consistent content

    4. 3 can't lose areas to focus on - 1. Software (SASS) that solves a problem in the marketplace. 2. Content Creation 3. Crypto

    5. Most of the stuff we try or the ideas we come up with don't lead to the desired outcome but we only need a small pool of winners. James said he believes only 3 of his 35 books are any good that 's less than 10%.

    6. Do something RIGHT NOW! DON'T WAIT. Ask anybody to give you $1 via Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal, etc.

    7. We work too hard and it's mostly because we have outsourced our thinking to others. When you learn how to think strategically and collaborate with others you're able to piggyback off of leverage and create with finesse.

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