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10 Ideas I have after 42 years

    1. Radical Honesty is brutal and kind

    2. "It depends" is the actual answer to almost any question of substance

    3. Any game where the ends and the means are Power with a capital P are the most dangerous kind and likely not worth playing

    4. Robert Greene is the best and worst author of the last 25 years

    5. Cynicism works but it's gonna cost ya more than it will give ya

    6. Think logically but tell stories

    7. Avoid the crash and then slam on the gas

    8. The future is games! AI = UBI = lack of status by $ = status achieved by games

    9. On a long enough time line there will be a god

    10. Religion and science fulfill the same human need

    11. There is no Truth in physics, the limiting factor is the fidelity of the measuring device. More fidelity = new Truth and this will likely go on forever.

    12. There's been more Good than Evil and the proof is the billions of people on the planet

    13. The most impactful idea in life is 80/20

    14. Knowledge without application dilutes your strength

    15. The undoing of greatness is almost always caused by it's greatest strength

    16. You cannot have the Ghandis, MLKs, and Ikes without having the Stalins, Hitlers and Leopold II of Belgium...they are born with the same human skills

    17. You cannot have commandos like Navy SEALs and Delta Force and fire fighters without having the Ted Bundys, Mansons and Geins...they are born with the same traits

    18. Being against something is fundamentally a weak position.

    19. Being for something is scarier but is the stronger position.

    20. The reason to have values and beliefs is to make friends and lovers

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