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Eduardo França


10 ideas of LinkedIn Covers

I'm struggling to design and find good references in order to come up with ideas of LinkedIn covers to my profile. So I decided try to force my mind and write down 10 ideas of covers

    1. A road as background with me in the front making some good poses

    2. A one color background with a text challenging the people to act at something

    3. A picture of a composition of book covers I already read showing my background and how smart I'm because of it

    4. One nice quote from someone I admire and a good design of it

    5. A funny cover with some famous internet meme

    6. A catch phrase challenging the one that read to think about a problem that they usually have and bringing them a solution

    7. A photo of me presenting something to a large audience

    8. Just some very nice art from someone and giving them their credits for the design

    9. A compositions of pictures of me in some winning and happy situations work related

    10. Picture of me pointing down asking to subscribe my profile

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