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10 ideas of to do next

The weekend is here, so it's time to party my balls off- I mean, get serious about my life now that I have some free time.

So, here are my ideas on what I can do next with my life

    1. Create an Idea list of "How to be happier!"

    A few mini ideas:
    1. Volunteer with sick children because I can make their last days happier and also be glad I am not them
    2. Get into MDMA therapy - Just like Tucker Max
    3. Steal other people's ideas

    2. Find a side job - something to do on the weekend or work on something that will bring in money eventually

    Mini ideas on this:
    1. Check craigslist. Find some weird shit. Do it cause even it's like a foot fetish thing, at least it's a story you'll have for the rest of your life - plus, $50!
    2. Write out skills to study and learn - graphic design, karate, manufacturing meth, eventually it will pay off
    3. Steal 10 ideas you could do from Side Hustle Nation

    3. Do 1 thing to meet someone new

    Like hiking, goddamnit. (Sorry for cussing, it's just, I've been in Nashville for a month and still haven't hiked with anyone :( )

    4. Write something about Doomer Optimism

    So, I've been following this podcast called Doomer Optimisim, it's basically about how the world is going to end, no big deal :) I want to learn more about what they are doing, so sitting down, taking notes on a podcast and writing out my thoughts, I think that would be a good thing

    5. Budget money

    Or maybe find a way to earn $10k in a weekend so I don't really have to worry about where my money is going for a little while longer...

    6. Find some accountability partners

    I think accountability might help me work towards earning some extra cash-olia. Or at least, if it doesn't work out, someone I could cry with and then do hardcore drugs with and then escape from in the middle of the night

    7. Go through tabs on my computer

    I mean, goddamn, I got like 20 tabs open, hold on... holy shit, I just killed like 15 tabs right now. I only got like 3 websites to look at and like 2 youtubes to watch now. Damn, I'm good :)

    8. 10 ideas on finding a mentor

    Mini ideas on this:
    1. Volunteer, maybe that would help...
    2. DM people on twitter? That feels weird but maybe there is a way to do that? Hey, someone DM on how to DM people about being my mentor and teacher
    3. Write 10 ideas of what I want to do and then find the people doing what I want to do, I think that's it

    9. Figure out how to sleep less

    Now, I know my boy, James Altucher, (we're not actually boys, but I'd like to think if we'd met, we'd be pals or maybe more of a mentor type situation ;) I know he is all about his sleep, but I just feel like I've been working so much that I wonder if there is a way to sleep less, ala Casey Neistat (Btw, James, if you are reading this, did you know when I type in Altucher, a red line pops up under the name. Isn't this like, your website? I feel like you could fix that, just saying)

    10. Go through twitter likes

    I've been liking things on threads on twitter that I had planned on going through later... but let's go through some of them right now

    1. How to flirt with women without being creepy - from Stirling Cooper who is apparently a pornstar, crazy
    - So, dude writes, have fun, tease the girl and there are 2 ways to do this - 1. Ask absurd rhetorical questions and 2. Call out clichés. Always be playful. And then once it's going well, make it sexual (Hell yeah). 3 ways to do that - 1. Make a sexual or suggestive joke that’s not about her 2. Use innuendo and 3. Misinterpret what she says
    So, broken down, there are 7 steps here,
    1. Start with a fun attitude
    2. Be over the top when teasing
    3. Always be playful
    4. Make it sexual
    5. Flirt with the world
    6. Be ok with rejection
    7. Put in the reps

    2. 10 Sentences about Money that will teach you more than a $70,000 Finance degree: - From Tyler Wright, some rich dude
    A. Higher Risk ≠ Higher Reward.
    In 1972, economists Robert Haugen and James Heins proved this. Based on data from 1926 to 1971, they concluded that over time "stock portfolios with lesser volatility have experienced greater average returns than their ‘riskier’ counterparts.
    B. Cash Flow is King.
    Here is how to quit your job forever in one tweet.
    Massively increase your income.
    Spend reasonably.
    That gap is your Cash Flow.
    Invest that Cash Flow into Cash Flow Producing Assets like Rental Real Estate until you don't need a job.
    C. Most people have the intelligence to make money investing, buy many don't have the stomach.
    In 2009, the Stock Market crashed 50% in a matter of month
    In the next 2 years: 86%⬆️
    The Next 6 years: 80%⬆️
    Buy Quality Companies for the Long Term and Wait.
    D. Get paid what you're worth and spend less than you make

    And Number 3 tweet I liked from nycguidovoice : the chris rock will smith thing is why I carry a gun on me 24/7, to every show. I guarantee you if that were me on that stage? hoo boy, lets just say there would definitely NOT be a GI Jane 2
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