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10 Ideas on How to Meet the Love of Your Life

    1. Don’t hang out at bars expecting to meet the one. What are your hobbies? Do more of what matters to you such as hiking, yoga, traveling etc. Join meet up groups to expose yourself to people with similar interests.

    2. Write down what your ideal self would look like… The way you act, your posture, how you react to situations, etc. Take a few minutes daily to imagine yourself being this person. This will act to prep and train your mind to become just that.

    3. Write down the qualities of the partner you want in your life. This will help you establish clarity on who exactly you are looking for.

    4. Go outside your comfort zone. If you are generally quiet in social situations, speak up a bit more or give some compliments. You never know where it can lead. It’s not just who who know, it’s who you meet along the way.

    5. Would you date you? Make sure you are working on improving yourself daily. If you ask me, our time on earth is best spent learning and growing. Keep at it.

    6. Ask friends and family for suggestions. They probably know you pretty well and who might be a potential match. Meeting this way will likely calm your nerves a bit too. It’s nice to have a reference.

    7. Especially if you are new at dating, go on several dates. This will help you determine what you like and what you don’t. Each date will give you more experience and you’ll get better at it.

    8. Appearance and hygiene. Obviously looks aren’t everything but a little improvement goes a long way. Do what you can to clean yourself up and wear something you can be proud of every day.

    9. Be genuine. If you are pretending to be someone your not the other person can often sense it. You’re also more likely to be confident in your own shoes which will increase your odds of success. Also, be kind. (My Mom taught me that one)

    10. Think of something that you can do right now to increase your odds of meeting someone in the future. Then, act on it.

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