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10 ideas on your insights about the future of technology!!!

Get your creative gears turning and share your vision for the future of technology! provide 10 innovative insights about what you believe the technological landscape will look like in the coming years. Think big and let your imagination soar as you predict the exciting developments that await us in the world of technology.

    1. VR and AR will be used for more than just gaming

    For instance, virtual offices.

    2. AI will be able to write books, articles, and even screenplays

    3. Driverless cars will become ubiquitous

    People will realize that the convenience is worth the cost of higher insurance payments.

    4. Crypto will be used for microtransactions (like tipping on Twitter)

    In order for crypto to be used for transactions like buying coffee, there needs to be a way to do microtransactions.

    5. 3D printing + AI + AR = virtual reality manufacturing.

    You can design something on your computer (AI), then print out a 3D version of it (3D printing), then put on an AR headset so you can see how it looks in real life (AR).

    6. Cryptocurrencies will start replacing credit cards for small purchases.

    The convenience is worth the risk that the currency fluctuates in value as opposed to paying cash or using a credit card.

    7. The rise of "microjobs".

    With AI taking over many jobs, there may not be enough jobs for everyone. Microjobs are small tasks that AI cannot do but humans can do very quickly. For instance, labeling an image with 10 different types of trees in it would take an AI forever but takes humans seconds because we have learned what a tree looks like since we were kids. There's going to be websites where you can find these kinds of microjobs and make money doing them while you're doing other things (watching TV or playing Pokemon Go). This is essentially crowdsourcing but instead of outsourcing work to other countries, it's outsourcing work to people who are sitting at home bored while they watch TV or play Pokemon Go or whatever people do when they're bored at home now that AI has taken all the jobs away from us.

    8. Augmented Reality Games

    Think Pokemon Go meets

    Imagine you are walking down the street and there are little creatures flying around everywhere and you have to catch them
    Or maybe there's one flying around your head right now
    You don't know because you're reading this instead of looking up at the sky like I told you too
    Anyway, think about all sorts of games where AR overlays onto reality in real time

    9. The rise of "prosumers"

    pros who become consumers by creating their own products using technology tools
    An example would be if a programmer wanted to make his own iPhone app he could use various tools (like open source code) along with his knowledge as a programmer to create his own product instead of working at some company making someone else's products

    10. And finally

    the death of boredom
    With VR + AR we'll never have boring moments ever again!!!
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