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10 Ideas, Opinions, or Beliefs You Have Changed Your Mind About Over The Past 10 Years

    1. Success > Happiness.

    Time and happiness > anything.

    2. You can help/change people.

    You can guide and nudge. In the end, only individuals can only help themselves.

    3. Politicians/Corporations care about people.

    They don't. Make sure to not pay too much attention to them.

    4. Famous/Rich people live perfect lives.

    No one is perfect. Humans all make mistakes. Don't hold people on pedestals.

    5. When I have "x", I'll be happy

    Things don't make you happy. Be grateful for everything.

    6. I can't believe my parents did (or didn't do) "x"

    Most parents/adults are just trying their best. People all make mistakes. Things are easy in hindsight.

    7. I could never live there!

    There's good and bad about any place.

    8. My goals are "x". I want to date this person.

    Often, ten years later, you are surprised you had those goals/dreams in the first place.

    9. I hate this person because of what they did. I'll never forgive them.

    Judging others never makes you feel better. Forgiveness sets you free. Feel free to avoid them, however....

    10. This person/politician is stupid because they have different views or aren't as smart/successful/rich as me

    You can learn from any person.

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