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Collin Harness


10 Ideas, Opinions, or Beliefs You Have Changed Your Mind About Over The Past 10 Years

My belief system has completely changed throughout my life.

    1. Money is abundant

    When my last grandparent died, I was broke and jobless. In order to get out of that hole I had to tell myself that life/money was abundant and that I was capable or earning lots of money.

    2. You have to choose a political party

    I know that Democrats and Republicans have lots of differences. But they have more in common than different. Both sides keep passing a budget to fund the government. Just because one side screams at you does not mean you have to join them. You are allowed to think for yourself.

    3. Diversification is the best way to invest

    ETFs are great and will definitely provide long term growth. But concentrating your money into your best investment ideas will generate better long run returns than putting it all into an ETF.

    4. The Robinhood App is good for society not bad

    Somehow the Robinhood App has received a bad reputation among some. But this App reduced fees to $0 when no one else was. They forced the big banks to reduce their fees, where they had been bleeding investors dry for decades. They made it easy and fun to invest, where big banks made it complicated and selective who could invest. They inspired other companies to get into the fintech space. The have definitely opened up the financial system and that is good.

    5. That have a 'soulmate'

    Hear me out. I currently am engaged and feel that I will be with my partner for the rest of my life. But I hate the idea that you need to find someone else to make you happy.

    When I found my 'soulmate' he dumped me and I was heartbroken. Then I worked on making my life interesting. I was going to concerts and planning dinner parties and doing interesting work. People starting flocking to me.

    If you think of your romantic partner as your 'soulmate' you will eventually start to take them for granted. Keep working on making your life interested and keep putting in work to keep your relationship healthy. You get the privilege of spending your life with someone else and they get the same of you.

    6. Pro life to pro choice

    More freedom is better. Just because you can do something does not mean that you should.

    7. The difference between a friend and an acquaintance

    People through the F work around too much. I have lots of acquaintances but very few friends. A friend is someone you can call up and chat with about life, but it also interested in your life.

    Most people in the world you should not be friends with. You should be really selective about who you give that label to.

    8. Laws and morality are 2 different things

    Laws are simply agreed upon rules of society. Morals are personal standards that you hold yourself to.

    Being rude is not against the law, but is immoral.

    9. Never pay full price for anything

    You can get pretty much anything you want at a discount.
    I drive a Lexus, wear Michael Kors, live in a big house, eat the best food and travel around the world. And I buy it all at a discount.

    10. The vast majority of rich people - you would never know they are rich

    Most millionaires live in modest home and drive modest cars. Their wealth is in the bank and not on the street.

    11. You are allowed to: Agree to disagree

    Beliefs are subjective and people often try to give away their fears to other people. You can agree to disagree with other people and still be friends.

    12. More is better

    More stuff is not better, it often clutters your mind/space. More stuff means you have to take care of and think about more stuff. I want to take of less and spend more time living.

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