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10 ideas that will help my week

Things to help me to feel more in control and organized and give that sense of accomplishment

    1. House Cleaning Plan

    Monday-Mopping, Tuesday-Floors and so on

    2. Set Dinners

    People usually eat the same 3-5 dinners over and over again. Why not have set days for meals: Monday-meatloaf, Tuesdays-Tacos and so on

    3. First two hours of the day for me

    Get up early or rearrange the mornings so the first two hours my day is spent on me. Bible reading, exercising, writing, taking a shower and so on.

    4. NotePd

    everyday I create a list I feel like I have made a small step forward

    5. Making the House a Home

    Each week do one thing that makes our house feel more like a home. Arrange closets, put up pictures, get area rug, buy plants and so on.

    6. Figure out a Husband/Wife Morning

    Take one morning a week that we both do not get up early. One slow morning together a week!

    7. Figure out clothes

    If we have a limited amount of decisions we can make each day and if each decision we make is harder to make than the previous one, why am I wasting those valuable decisions on deciding what to wear?

    8. Set bedtime routine and schedule

    9. Scale Down Information

    There is information coming in from every where: podcast, blog post and so on. Limit the amount of information that comes in until you catch up and can actually use or process the information.

    10. Create the backyard of your dreams

    Needless to say I can't get this done in a week but slowly putting together our backyard will give us a place to rest and unwind. Just to sit out and listen to the birds is such a nice thing.

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