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10 ideas to boost brain power

    1. Get enough sleep and the right kind of sleep

    I am not sure what the right kind of sleep is.

    2. find out about any kinds of supplements that could help with staying sharp

    3. taking 3 walks a day even if for 5 minutes

    4. take time throughout the day to get in some very deep breathing. focused breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth. Investigate Systema breathing, watch the video on the Systema website.

    5. Do puzzles. Reading about doing puzzles in recent Men's Health and how good they are for you. Apparently doing jigsaw puzzles are very beneficial for focus, and spatial improvement among other benefits.

    6. Caffeine. Coffee, tea, yerba mate.

    7. Staying in good physical shape. Exercising daily but not too much that it can exhaust me.

    8. Playing music. Singing, guitar piano. Even 5 minutes a day is beneficial if that is all I can get in.

    9. Certain foods, like isn't liver supposed to be good for brain power. Blueberries and such

    10. Meditation. I have not been meditating like I used to and need to get back into that.

    11. Getting to the park and just being there without having to go there to exercise. Should go sometimes just to sit an enjoy the surroundings and such.

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