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10 Ideas To Brighten Someone's Day

With everything going on in the world it's easy to get consumed with our own problems, frustrations, and fears. But there's no feeling better than brightening up someone elses day in the littlest of ways.

    1. Buy someone a treat from Uber Eats.

    Does your wife love cookies? Buy her some and have them delivered to the house.

    2. Call someone just to share one of your favorite memories with them.

    A random call just to share a funny story or memory goes a long ways. Many people aren't getting the human connection as often as they once did.

    3. Randomly do an "acknowledgement post" about them on social media.

    Post a photo or compliment someone on Instagram or Facebook out of the blue.

    4. Ask For Help

    It's a bit counter intuitive, but sometimes giving someone else an opportunity to help or serve you will do more for them than if you were to do something for them. Ask for help with something small they can easily knock out.

    5. Smile

    It's hard to measure what a simple smile can do.

    6. Go out of your way to say thank you to someone.

    Really thank someone. Maybe it's the bagger at the grocery store. Really thank them and let them know you notice how hard they work, how attention to detail they are, and how they make your grocery experience that much easier. Find someone, anyone, and really thank them.

    7. Buy $10 Starbucks gift cards and go give them to strangers.

    Pretty self explanatory here. You'll brighten their day by giving them a gift and then brighten their day again by giving them caffeine ; )

    8. Apologize to someone you if you need to.

    Saying sorry and being vulnerable creates an energy, and a feeling of love and hope in another person.

    9. Write a surprise good review for a business you like.

    Every small business owner loves a review. Have a favorite Thai food place you always go to? Write them a surprise good review and make their day.

    10. Text something kind to someone.

    Easy enough. Choose anyone in your phone and text them something kind. A compliment, a thank you, an inside joke...anything that might brighten their day.

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