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10 Ideas to Capitalize on Soda Stream: Business Piggy Backs

Though DIY soda machines have been around forever. Due to price hikes, I feel there will be a return to the home seltzer machines. And a few "seltzery" ideas . . .

    1. Create Your Own Flavoring

    There is a wide selection of flavoring companies that make natural and organic flavors. Order a sample pack in 2-4mL sizes and create your own line of flavoring.

    2. Soda Machine Copy Cats

    Find different brands of soda machines and buy at wholesale. Sell on Amazon

    3. Co2

    Source the same size and bottle types from china and find a Co2 filler inside the US.

    4. Everyone Loves a New Bottle

    From China find the same size refill to-go bottles that fit Soda Stream. Create your own and sell them online.

    5. Shopify Store

    Be THE Soda Stream store on Shopify. "If It's DIY Soda, We've Got Everything For Less"

    6. Create a Soda Stream Affiliate Page

    Test and source new items that fit in the category monthly.

    7. Lemonade Stands?

    Make and Sell Your Own Line of Zodas Locally

    8. Soda Stream Vitamin

    Create a line of soda stream natural flavors with vitamins, electrolytes, or cold prevention herbs like echinacea, etc.

    9. Create CBD "Zleep Zoda Naturalz"

    10. Go Wholesale

    With everything opened back up add on to your Zleep Zoda line and create a half doze version for bars. Partner with a distro and make "Zip n Chill CBD Zyrup" for bars to add to mixed drinks.

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