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10 ideas to change the U.S. Immigration system

    1. 10 year visas

    People come here, work, pay taxes, start businesses, have kids who are U.S. citizens. After ten years they get a green card and can then vote.

    2. Merit-based immigration

    People who have skills that the U.S. needs more of can apply for a visa if they have a job offer and can prove their skill level with an exam or certification from an accredited organization.

    3. No family reunification for first generation immigrants

    After ten years in the country, you can sponsor your spouse and children but not your parents or siblings or other relatives. This encourages people to move back to their home countries after they get citizenship so they can be part of their nation's economic growth instead of being stuck in line for U.S. visas forever (which is what happens now).

    4. Make it easier to deport criminals (but not citizens)

    Right now there are tons of legal reasons why we cant deport someone even if they are a dangerous criminal who has been here illegally for many years and has committed crimes while here. of these should apply if someone is a criminal but not yet a citizen (so don't revoke citizenship from anyone). But make it easier to deport them immediately on the spot when we find out about them rather than going through endless legal processes that allow them time to disappear into the shadows where we never find them again.

    5. End chain migration and the Visa Lottery

    6. Allow states or regions to decide whether they want to accept refugees from war torn areas if those refugees would like to live there rather than in one central location like NYC or LA or some place where terrorists might target them more

    This would spread out the cost of refugee resettlement among local communities as well as help integrate refugees into local economies faster since they would be able to go right into small businesses in their new neighborhoods rather than having to wait on benefits until moving to big cities like NYC where everything is centrally controlled by billionaires who don't care about anyone else anyway so let's bypass all that red tape and put refugees right into local economies where they can thrive quickly and also help revitalize declining areas with new customers for small businesses

    7. Make it easier for people who want to come here temporarily for business purposes (like conferences) or tourism purposes (like vacations) or medical research purposes (like studying at top universities) etc

    The current system makes it very difficult for people with no intention of staying long term but just want a temporary visa for specific reasons above plus paying taxes while here and leaving when done with whatever purpose brought them here initially

    Again, this helps keep our economy going by attracting foreign investors as well as tourists who will spend money during their vacations here creating more jobs and opportunities for everyone else while also increasing tax revenues since tourists pay sales tax on most things they buy while visiting us

    And this keeps our universities competitive with universities around the world by allowing students from around the world to study at our best universities without making it inconveniently difficult for them because we only give out temporary visas instead of green cards which take too long anyway
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