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10 ideas to earn $1,000 this week

    1. Sell your idea list.

    The website idea listing pays $100 for every idea you post.

    2. Write a book

    See the "how to write a book" guide on this site.

    3. Do freelance work on Upwork or Fiverr

    Do small jobs for people on Upwork or Fiverr.

    4. Do small jobs on

    Small jobs for people who can't afford Upwork but want to outsource some of their work.

    5. Trade stocks

    Trade stocks with no commissions using Robinhood and use the money you make to buy back shares of my favorite stock, Crypto Daily (a stock I own).

    6. Sell your art on Society 6, Etsy, etc

    Sell your art on sites like society6, Etsy, etc. They have huge audiences and will sell your stuff if it's good enough.

    7. Sell crypto collectibles on Rare Bits or CryptoPunks or other similar sites

    Or sell crypto-related art on sites like bitgraphic or society6
    Or do what I did and make an ICO-based board game that has utility tokens that can be used in the game and are tradeable elsewhere after the game is sold,
    Check out my podcast with Robby Schilling where we describe how to do this
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