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Maximillian Hill


10 Ideas To Help My Friend Build His Tutoring Business

I was speaking with a friend of mine who is looking to build up a business utilizing his super impressive talents in math. Here are some ideas. Please comment with any more ideas.

    1. Create an account on lessons.com.

    2. Advertise using social media.

    3. Post flyers in the community.

    4. Build a proprietary website with testimonials, videos behind paywalls, domain name emails for credibility.

    5. Reach out to High School math departments and see if there are any students that could benefit from tutoring (I'm certain that there are).

    6. Reach out to High School/College Athletics departments and see if there are any student athletes in danger of becoming ineligible due to failing grades in math (I'm certain that there are).

    7. Create a referral program that incentivizes people to send clients my friends direction.

    8. Reach out to my friends who have kids to see if their kids need help with math.

    9. Advertise in local Parish bulletins.

    10. Have my friend create a Quora account and answer Math questions. Build a following.

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