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10 Ideas to help people understand themselves better

    1. The Inflation Theory

    When you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, etc. you are inflating yourself.Every day you learn new things and get better at something and it makes you bigger.You might be a small kid but if you start learning piano or chess or programming or writing or public speaking then suddenly the next day you are bigger than the day before.The problem is that everyone else is doing this too so there's a lot of competition and pressure to keep inflating yourself even more.But eventually people deflate. They can't learn new things as easily anymore and they lose their edge in whatever they were good at so they become smaller and smaller until they disappear completely from view.This happens to everyone! It doesn't matter if you are Einstein or Mozart or Michael Jordan or Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. Everyone experiences inflation and deflation throughout their life.And it's not fair! Why should some people get all the advantages of being bigger for longer than others?

    2. The Inflation/Deflation Theory applied to business

    I came up with this idea when I was trying to figure out why some businesses stay successful for decades (like The Hal Halibut Sandwich Shop on 52nd Street).It turns out that most businesses don't last very long (5 years on average) because of the "inflation" part of the theory above.Businesses start small but they have to inflate themselves every year just to stay alive in a competitive marketplace.But inflation is hard work! And most businesses fail because they can't keep inflating themselves as fast as their competitors who have more money/better employees/etc..So what do great businesses do?They find ways to avoid deflation as much as possible by making themselves into valuable brands that customers love so much that customers will fight over them like kids fighting over a toy at Toys R Us (which is still open btw).

    3. What's your brand worth?

    4. The Deflation Theory applied to relationships

    When two people first meet each other, one of them has inflated themselves while the other has deflated themselves (since neither knows much about each other).So there's an instant attraction since both parties have inflated themselves since nobody knows anything about each other yet (this is also known as "chemistry").But over time, both people deflate since now both know everything about each other and no longer inflate each other (this is also known as "a relationship").If one person wants to save the relationship then he/she needs to find ways for BOTH PEOPLE TO INFLATE EACH OTHER AGAIN so there's chemistry again and everyone wants to stay together forever despite all evidence otherwise.(Note: I'm not saying this works but it seems like it might work sometimes.)

    5. How do we inflate ourselves again?

    6. How do we inflate ourselves again

    There are two ways:
    Inflate someone else
    Inflate something elseThere's always someone who needs help getting an edge in something whether it's personal or professional

    Give them advice
    Give them tools
    Teach them something
    Connect them with someone who can help


    There's always something new we want an edge in:
    Personal growth
    Skills that will make us stand out professionally


    7. How does inflation apply specifically for me?

    8. How does inflation apply specifically for me

    Write every day

    Learn how to write better by reading books on writing

    Start investing

    Start dating

    Start writing fiction

    Start learning how to give better speeches


    9. The Inflation/Deflation theory applied

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