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10 Ideas To Help With Isolation While Covid+

This list has nothing to do with Covid19 politically, medically, or otherwise.

The genesis was my 2nd experience having a family member needing to quarantine inside their room, which, regardless of how you feel about Covid19, the merits of quarantine to prevent the spread of viral infection, or even germ theory in general, is still something that you may need to deal with if someone chooses to isolate.

    1. Be there for them.

    Be available. Don't be 'too busy'. Prioritize it. Let others wait a minute. Answer/respond quickly.

    2. Be WHOLLY there for them.

    Pursuant to #1, don't shut off any portion of yourself because of how you may feel. Don't put your crap on them.

    3. Make sure that anything they would normally do for themselves is done quickly, well, and without delay.

    You wouldn't want to wait an hour for a glass of water if you were thirsty.

    4. Tell them that they don't have to apologize or ask permission.

    Assistance should be unconditional.

    5. Sprinkle In Creativity & Thoughtfulness

    Draw a picture, get them a magazine, do something they didn't ask for, but that might make them smile.

    6. Use Your Cellphone More.

    I normally recommend reducing cellphone use. This is one instance where phone calls, texts, and face-times should go UP in magnitude.

    7. Close the distance

    To whatever degree YOU BOTH are comfortable, increase proximity. If you can sit outside the door and chat, it's comforting to know that someone is close by.

    8. Make Some Dates

    Get something(s) on the calendar for them to look forward to when they're out.

    9. Bring nature inside

    If they can't or won't go outside, plants, flowers, herbs, oils ... or even pictures of these things can promote healing.

    10. Never Shut Them Out ...

    ,,, of anything; conversations, decisions, etc., that they would normally be a part of. Do NOT use their state of isolation as a weapon to make them feel more isolated.

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