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10 ideas to improve elections in the future

We recently had the Australian Federal election for our next Prime Minister and despite your political beliefs I think it is fair to say that the entire country was exhausted by the long and annoying campaigns. Here are 10 ideas I would like to see to make it easier for everyone.

    1. Remove voting preferences - just mark one box and be done with it

    Most of the publc dont understand how this works anyway. And unless your nominated person wins, their votes usually end up going to another party. This was even exploited widely in the Senate in the 2013 election. So instead, tick one box, first past the post and the whole thing will get wrapped up a lot sooner.

    2. Let is vote directly for the Executive branch e.g. Prime Minister

    We vote for out local member and the party with the most nominates a party lead. Break it down, and make it separate and we might see some local members making more of an effort in their community.

    3. Electronic/mobile/online voting

    Why do I have to drag mysel down to the nearest school to stand in line and fill out a piece of paper. It should be a lot easier than it is.

    4. A set date every three years

    Make it a set date, similar to the USA, instead of letting the Prime Minister choose the date within a certain range. It would provide more certainty and allow for less gaming of the system.

    5. Show proof of identity at the voting booth

    It bewilders me that all I had to do was give my name and address. No photo ID, no other forms of confirmation. This system is ripe for voger fraud.

    6. Optional, not compulsory voting

    Controversial perhaps, but only 22 countries in the world have mandatory voting. And if you see some of the people that hang around the pub at 10am in the morning, would you really want them deciding the future of your country?

    7. Banning of all negative or critical campaign ads

    If you want our vote, tell us what you are going to do. That takes brains and effort. Stop taking the easy road and simply trash the opposition. Let's take a more optimistic approach than a fear based approach.

    8. All campaign promises must be implemented or face civil charges

    Might make the politicians think twice before making outlandish promises that wont lead to anything. Might also restore trust in the system again.

    9. No voting required if residing overseas at the time of the election. Especially for local and state elections.

    I was living in the UK when I had to take time off work to travel to the consulate to vote in an election where the winner had already been decided due to the time difference. Talk about a pointless vote.

    10. Free democracy sausages at all voting booths.

    Because why not...

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