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10 Ideas to Make Mundane Work Fun

Even if you're currently doing what you love, there will still be times that you need to do tedious, mundane work that you can't delegate or outsource elsewhere. Here are some ideas to make that work a little more pleasant.

    1. Listen to Soft Instrumental Background Music

    2. For Countable Tasks, Keep a Tally of How Much You Got Done

    This could be anything from question sets answered to sales calls made.

    3. If You Hesitate to Do Something, Imagine the Worst Case Scenario of Getting It Done

    If you knew for a fact that doing something had tragic consequences, you wouldn't hesitate to not do it. Chances are the worst case scenario of doing a task isn't nearly as painful as you may imagine it to be.

    4. Take Breaks to Stretch and Walk Around

    At some point you'll have to take a break, so you may as well move around a little. Anything is fine as long as it gives you a chance to decompress for a bit.

    5. For Longer Breaks, Take a Walk Outside

    When you reach the point that you're making too many unforced errors due to being tired, it might help to step away and take a brief stroll outdoors.

    6. Remind Yourself That Something Worth Doing Ought to Be Done as Soon as Possible

    7. Have an Appropriate Reward Planned for When You Accomplish a Major Goal

    The reward should be something bigger than what you already indulge in on a daily basis.

    8. When You Hit a Roadblock, Use That as Inspiration for New Ideas

    If you've hit a roadblock, others have also hit that same obstacle. If you have an idea for an elegant solution, it could be the beginning of a new business opportunity.

    9. Remember That Lost Time Is Never Found Again

    Whenever I try to put something off for tomorrow that I could've done today, it feels like ten more things pop up that demand my attention and I end up wishing that I had done it yesterday when I had the chance.

    10. Change Up the Routine

    Switch things up occasionally to keep yourself from getting bored with work.

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