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10 Ideas To Make My Morning Coffee Better

Just for fun! These are not necessarily feasible.

For the record, here's how I actually take my coffee: I grind my beans fresh, do a pour-over, then add grass-fed butter.

    1. Get an even higher quality / better tasting butter or fat source.

    2. Grow my own coffee beans.

    3. Purchase better tasting beans.

    4. Have it with a friend or company.

    Playing chess if possible!

    5. Have a barista/butler make it for me at home.

    6. Get a mug with a better grip.

    It should have the NotePD logo on it!

    7. Take a class in coffee making.

    8. Tweak the water quality, temperature, &/or quantity.

    9. Invent a mug/cup that has a lid, from which you can still drink easily, and yet does not keep the coffee too hot.

    Sometimes those Yetis do this; I tend to leave them partially open to offset the 'burning'. When I use a cup at home, I loosely put a piece of tinfoil over it.

    10. Time my coffee intake so that my activities benefit optimally from the hormonal effects.

    I already do this sometimes; it could be more regular or consistent.

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