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10 Ideas To Make New Friends - Help Me :)

As I get older I realize how important it is to expand my friend network. Friendships are so important to our overall well-being. As someone that owns a small company and that's worked from home for 20 years, I don't have many work friendships anymore. I would love to hear from this community of people about other ways I can make new friends!

Here's what I'm doing now:

    1. Improv

    Sign up for an improv class to meet other people trying out new talent. Everyone will have the same learning curve and yet a fun atmosphere to meet others.

    2. Join a Hobby Club

    In an effort to make new friends I joined a state kayak and canoe club. These people to turned out to be fantastic and were so welcoming. I nearly drown twice BUT I still think joining a club like this is a solid way to meet new friends.

    3. Volunteer

    Another way I've tried to expand my friend network was to volunteer in my local community.

    4. Join Professional Network

    This one is a little tougher because I enjoy networking with others in the consulting industry, it wasn't nearly as fun. They all want to just talk about business - which I do enjoy but, sheesh sometimes I want to talk about something else! 😁😁

    5. Stand Up Comedy

    Similar to trying out Improv, signing up for classes on stand-up comedy would be fun and you could meet people trying out a new hobby. I've not done this yet, but I'm looking to sign up for a class later this summer.

    6. Ask Current Friends For An Introduction

    When I explained to my VERY SMALL network of current friends that I wanted to meet new friends and I would love an introduction to people they thought might be someone I would be friends with - I received mixed results. One person connected me with 3 people she knew but, others said they didn't really know anyone. UH - so they must not have very many friends either. 🤣🤣🤣

    7. Wear A T-Shirt That Reads: Will You Be My Friend?

    If I get desperate, I could pull out all the stops and wear a shirt that explains exactly what I'm looking for. 🙋‍♀️

    8. Ditch Peloton, Go Back To A Gym

    I'm not sure about this idea. Maybe signing up for some workout classes would be a way to meet new people. I don't think creeping on people while they are lifting weights is a good idea.

    9. Deploy Children

    This is not really an option for me anymore as my kids are young adults BUT maybe if I had deployed my children to go make friends then I could meet their friends' parents. If you need friends, try this one- let me know how it goes.

    10. Walk The Camino AGAIN

    In April I walked across Spain from France to Compostela - I met many new people BUT because my son was with me I didn't make the effort to make friends. I guess I need to do it again, maybe wear my Please Be My Friend t-shirt. Just a thought. :)

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