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10 ideas to make NotePD (even) better

I love NotePD. Always happy to offer suggestions.

    1. Podcast

    Monthly episode sharing the best lists.

    Come up with challenges related to helping future guests and share the best ideas with them.

    Guest challenge - Have guests suggest a challenge at the end of podcasts.

    This should lead to more users. Fans will join if they have a chance of sharing an idea with a guest they admire.

    2. Super list

    A list that any user can add to making it huge. Eg. Places to visit in _____. Anyone thats been can add a suggestion and anyone who's going can open the super-list and have plenty of suggestions on where to go.

    Ideas for super lists


    Things to do,



    Must watch TV

    You could then rank each item with most likes being on top and least at the bottom.

    3. More Stickers

    I love the Streak Sticker. Id like to see a challange entry/Suggestion sticker, Talker sticker (Encourage us to connect with each other), likes sticker (Encourages you to write for others as well as for yourself).

    4. luv

    I remember an old social media called Bebo. In it you could send 3 luv to people each day. It was basically a like, but since it was limited people appreciated it a lot more. How about having one super like per day to give to the best list? You could then show trending super-liked lists/users.

    5. Multiple AI Images

    At the moment its just a cover photo. Could we get a new photo for each item?

    6. Memories

    Like facebook you could show the list you made last year and offer a chance to make an updated list.

    7. Diary/Calendar

    Have a calendar feature when we can look back at lists from a certain day. You should also have a special Diary list where you can share your day and have it attach to the calendar. AI could then be used to share what good days and bad days have in common, hopefully leading everyone to more good days.

    8. Predictions/Time Machine

    Have a challenge where the results wont be posted until after a certain time. Users will then be able to see who predicted best.

    9. Master List

    Similar to a super list, but just for you. I've wrote a lot of jokes on separate list, books, advice etc. If i could add them all into one master list that would be great.

    10. Trending Topics

    What if you want to see updated lists related to current news? This may also prompt users in what to write about.

    11. Well Done

    Last year i found this list much easier to do. I'm loving the progress that's been made here. Keep up the good work.

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