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10 ideas to make NotePD (even) better

    1. Auto Tag/Keyword

    I like how the interface currently shows similar idea lists - if it could auto-suggest keywords that would be great.

    2. Clean Up The Schedule Post Interface

    The analog clock format is clunky. Use either a dial or enter keystrokes for the time.

    3. Streak Check-up/Look Ahead

    Sometimes the streak/grace period catches us by surprise. It would be great to see when our next post is due by - I travel and change time zones, so even when I have posts queued, up, it would be convenient to know the ideal time to schedule.

    4. Automatic Hyperlink

    I'll post a URL but I still need to highlight it and convert it to a link. I'd love to skip a step.

    5. Explain the AI Assistant

    I'm not sure what the difference is between the 3 options that I get when I click "Generate More Ideas". Instant Ideas, Complete With AI, and Complete With James AI. I know the latter is an AI instance modelled on James Altucher, but the difference between the first two, I'm unclear on.

    6. Improve Drop Text To Format

    I tried this once and couldn't get it to work.

    7. Show Correct Time For Scheduled Posts on the Android App.

    8. Auto Correct The Title - Number of Ideas

    If I stopped here, the title should be "8 ideas to make NotePD (even) better". As I write this, I have a choice to keep adding ideas or change the title....

    9. AI Coaches

    I saw a banner for a new feature for an AI Fitness Coach. I'm not sure if this is fully functional, but if it goes further other coaches would be cool. Business coaches, learning coaches, mental health coaching...

    10. Improve The Who To Follow Section

    The users suggested don't even seem to be active on the site and/or don't have content I really want to see.

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