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10 ideas to substitute one of your bad habits

My bad habit is eating sweets! Since I am working from home and don't always leave the house every day whenever I do leave the house, I find a way to get some sweets.

    1. Always have water or coffee in your hand

    No calories and something to do/consume 

    2. Don’t stop at drugstores

    3. Don’t go into gas stations

    4. Eat fruit

    Still sweet but not sweets

    5. Eat salty things

    6. Restart walks at night

    Was doing daily walks. This does not directly help with the sweets, but it does help with the aftermath.

    7. Seek out a 12 step group and admit I am powerless over sweets cravings

    8. Go out without any access to money

    9. Announce every time I am going to eat sweets: accountability

    I am a "closet eater" .  If I had to tell someone every time I was going to eat sweets I would do it less often!

    10. eat something unpleasant before eating sweets

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