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10 Improvements to NotePD

I'm enjoying using this site to cultivate my creativity, but here are some ways things could be even better.

    1. Mobile App.

    The site works well on a mobile browser from what I've seen so far, but for those that like the social aspect, an app with push notifications might be nice.

    2. Export lists to Twitter, in thread format.

    If you want to share your list on Twitter right now, it'll make a link to the site. Seeing the list of ideas in tweet form would allow the audience to see the ideas without having to click on a link they might not trust right away. I've been playing with this using the text export feature, but I'm always in favour of less work.

    3. Connect to other cloud storage sites/apps.

    Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, etc.

    4. Auto-populate bios with keywords that reflect the user's current collection of ideas

    5. Do Hyperlinks work?

    6. Embed audio, video or other media/file types.

    7. Text to speech function for recording ideas on the go.

    8. Alter the colour palette/visual style of the interface. e.g. Night mode. Some colour schemes might be preferred for creativity by some users.

    9. Present analytics about what kinds of ideas are popular with a graphic presentation. What keywords are coming up the most in new ideas.

    10. While 'ideas are free' is a key concept of the site, and we don't want to encourage any battles over 'who came up with it first', there may be a way to track how an idea originated, spread and evolved.

    11. More than one link slot in the bio.

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