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10 Indulgences

I first titled this "10 Guilty Pleasures," but "guilty" isn't the right word. These are just way of giving myself a treat, taking care of myself, indulging myself. Note that several may not be particularly healthy, so I am not recommending them. These are all things that lift my spirits when they need lifting.


    1. Culver's frozen custard.

    I don't own stock, and I'm not promoting them. I just realize that they've spoiled me. Ice cream doesn't seem so good any more. If you're curious, here's a bit about them.

    2. Peanut butter, straight out of the jar.

    Not big bites. Too sticky. But I understand it was not initially intended as a spread. People were living longer, but dental science hadn't kept up, so you had people with bad or no teeth needing protein. Since I'm trying to cut carbs, I have found the pleasure of just eating small spoonfuls without other adornment.

    3. Playing a game on my phone that involves neither time nor competition.

    Nothing wrong with other kinds of games. I just find it soothing to play solitaire or word search puzzles or work jigsaws or lay mahjong—as long as I am not playing against a clock. Way too much of my life has been spent beating deadlines. Why would I want that in my leisure activities?

    4. Sitting next to the creek near the library.

    There's a gorgeous greenway that runs beside the creek that circles around our downtown area. I could spend hours sitting there. I used to walk all along it, but I can't manage that anymore. Watching others do so, watching the ducks, watching the fountains—almost as good.

    5. Going to the library.

    For a small community, we have a fantastic library, both in terms of the welcoming space and the book collection.

    6. Going to the nearby coffee house.

    I've mentioned them before. Best coffee in Tennessee. Just a couple of blocks from the library.

    7. Couple of days with my wife at a hotel nowhere in particular.

    Just getting away. It doesn't matter much where, as long as there are restaurants close by. The main feature is the time spent with my wife.

    8. Playing guitar all by myself.

    Not trying to get better in order to perform. Just picking around. That's the indulgence—it accomplishes nothing except my own enjoyment.

    9. Reading.

    It has been ages since I had the time, but one of my favorite indulgences is simply getting into a good book and "binge reading."

    10. An afternoon at the movie theatre.

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