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11 Industries Going Virtual

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of tech for a lot of businesses and there are opportunities available for creative solutions.

    1. Financial Services

    Think wealth management, financial planners and CPAs. Who wants or needs to go to an office to review a portfolio or tax return?

    2. Legal Services

    Same thing as #1. Think family law and estate planners.

    3. Fitness

    More people are working out from home than ever before.

    4. Healthcare and Medicine

    Telehealth and telemedicine are here to stay. Some things you want to take care of now and from the comfort of your home.

    5. Higher Education

    This was already starting to happen just like some of the other ideas in this list. I hope this continues and more innovation levels the playing field.

    6. Pet Health / Vet

    Vet clinics are overwhelmed. Telehealth for pets is here and in the early stages.

    7. Human Resources

    More employers will be forced to adopt remote work. HR needs to adapt. How do you keep teams engaged and motivated when they are geographically separate?

    8. Sales

    All sales jobs are now global sales jobs. People are now more comfortable than ever making large purchases from people they've never met in person and that are in a different time zone. Even cars can be bought through an app.

    9. Consulting

    Consultants of all types can get clients in a virtual world easier than ever.

    10. Events and Conferences

    Sure, there will be in person events in the future but my thought is that they will always provide a virtual option.

    11. Records Management

    Stretching a bit because I think this transition has been happening for a while. However, I know from experience that there are massive industries that still rely on good old pen and paper. With tablets and OCR this is insane.
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