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10 Inexpensive (or free) Ways to Help Others

Think about this before you do a selfish thing next time.

10 Inexpensive (or free) Ways to Help Others

    1. Tip a little extra

    The dollar you spend extra on tipping could change someone's day. It probably did not change yours. Don't be the "I don't believe in tipping" person.

    2. Write a nice review for their podcast, book, etc.

    3. Send an encouraging message about recent work

    4. Hold the door. Seriously. Hold the door.

    Even if the person snipes at you about independence or "I can do it myself" just do it. Let them be miserable. 99.999% will be happy (I've held it for cranky jerks before, too, and smiled while doing it).

    5. Ask someone what their favorite thing so far today is

    A barista at a coffee shop used to do this and I thought it was awesome and made me think every single time.

    6. Donate to someone's charitable cause

    It doesn't have to be much, just make an impact. You help more than one person this way (the person + the charity + you find other people who might need help and so on)

    7. Put your shopping cart in the cart return

    Don't be "I'm too lazy to walk this thing 20 feet so it won't smash into a car" guy. That's some nonsense.

    8. Straighten up a store aisle

    If you pull a bag of chips off and knock four of them over in the process, put them back. If you see that there's a little mess where you're grabbing your product, straighten the shelf real quick. It costs you 10 seconds and will make that clerk's life possibly 10x better that day. If you've worked in retail, you know what I'm talking about.

    9. Bus your own dishes (if you're allowed to)

    I think it was Louis Black (or Louis CK? I forget!) who did a bit on why should be lucky anyone even wants to serve you let alone while you're acting like a complete pig in public.

    Give them a little break and don't leave your crap everywhere (I clean up my spot if my party made a big mess - not perfect, I don't travel with a mop, but just a quick sweep of the napkin saves that person some time).

    10. Bring extra to the party and leave it behind for the host

    Don't be the chisler who brings a 6 pack, drinks 3 and takes 3 home. That's crazy. The person opened their home to you, put out food, cleaned before AND after the party and you think it's cool if you just grab those couple of brews nobody touched? What'd you save, $5?

    Unless the host tells you to take some stuff with you, then do it.

    But, even then.

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