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10 interesting Economics and Business people to follow on Social Media

In no particular order....

10 interesting Economics and Business people to follow on Social Media

    1. Scott Galloway

    An entertaining speaker who has been a SIlicon Valley entrepreneur, spoken to congress, is on the board of many companies and is currently an NYU professor.

    2. Mr Beast

    His videos may or may not be to your taste but the way he runs his multiple businesses and the scale that he approaches YouTube is amazing. He gets interviewed regularly about how he does it by Joe Rogan and many others.

    Here is a video where he obtains and drives $250 million worth of cars. The video is very entertaining with lots of surprises. In 21 hours the video has 46 million views:

    3. Alex Hormosi

    He is an entertaining guy with TONS of content: @AlexHormozi

    Talks about business building from someone that has actually done it. Focus on Marketing.

    4. Grant Cardone

    Marketing and real estate. Also did a Discovery Channel reality series where he built a business in 90 days. Coarse and funny. His take on Real Estate is informative. His brand is "10x"

    5. Ray Dalio

    Billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associates, has also written books.

    He has created a lot of macroeconomic educational content:

    He is also a mentor to "Diddy"

    6. Robert Reich

    He just retired from being a college professor this year (2023) but was also the Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton.

    This is his entire "Wealth and Poverty" course from UC Berkeley

    7. My First Million

    A you tube channel where they go over how people made successful businesses.

    This video explains how the owner of OnlyFans makes over a million dollars a day:

    8. Noah Kagan

    An early employee at Facebook (#30), he is focusing on interviews with millionaires and billionaires but has a lot of general business content. He also has a marketing company AppSumo. He has a fun series where he just knocks on people's doors and hangs out at the private airports to ask people how they got rich. The results can be surprising!

    Here is a typical interview: "Manny Khoshbin went from living out of a station wagon, to starting several failed businesses, to building a $200 Million real estate empire and owning a $20 Million supercar collection."

    9. Codie Sanchez

    A very interesting backstory including a Phd, Goldman Sachs, and time as a journalist. Her focus is buying boring businesses. She is a great speaker:

    10. Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad)

    He wrote Rich Dad books and has turned the concept into an edutainment juggernaut. He is getting older and positioning the "Rich Dad" company to be less associated with him personally and become a legacy.

    Here is a typical video discussing retirement:

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