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10 iOS Shortcuts + iOS ChatGPT automations

One thing that really disappointed me about the iPhone was the inability to use AI summary tools or interact with ChatGPT directly. I had to copy and paste text back and forth between the application and the ChatGPT iOS app, which was cumbersome. Some apps, like Reddit, didn't even allow text copying, forcing me to take a picture and extract the text.

However, I recently stumbled upon iOS Shortcuts on my iPhone and was pleasantly surprised by its cool features, including the ability to pass text to ChatGPT for processing. With Shortcuts, you can send selected texts, URLs, and even extract text from snapshots.

I highly recommend supplementing your experience with the Toolbox Pro app and Actions App, which provide additional functionality not found in the basic Shortcuts Actions.


    1. Summarize Web Page

    Simply share your Web Page in browser and it will give you a great summary

    2. Fix Grammar and Spelling

    I can select any text and send it to ChatGPT to proofread for spelling, grammar, and readability:

    3. Photo => Extract Text and Summarize

    4. Summarize a PDF File

    5. Analyze This

    If I encounter a page that has text I can't select. I can screen capture and extract the text then I can analyze or summarize the data. I have the option to send the text

    6. Power Thesaurus

    I can select any word and find synonyms for that word

    7. Roast Master General

    Create a quick comeback generator. Type in your insult and it will come up with witty comebacks using ChatGPT.

    8. Auto Respond to people who annoy you

    9. Bluetooth Devices (non ChatGPT)

    This one is not ChatGPT integrated but still worth note. Able to flip between bluetooth devices with a context menu

    10. Describe and image (non ChatGPT)

    Using the Toolbox Pro app it can carry out image object detection

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