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10 issues I have with action films and is there an alternative

Cinematic violence I am bored of it

    1. Why don't they give a crap about the thousands of victims

    They are collateral damage just likes the wrecked cars and ruins of building

    2. Who is going to bury all those bodies and wont they start to stink

    At least the old westerns used to show the undertakers

    3. They show the carnage but not the suffering

    I cant remember actually watching a recent film and really felt empathy for the victims

    4. Slow Mo action

    I would have thought it was the opposite = WTF taken by surprise by the quickness of violence.Whilst not an expert what violence I had witnessed was so quick and brief

    5. What about looking in depth at the aftermath

    the film that actually did this was Gone with the Wind with the injured at the railway station

    6. Why wasn't Private Ryan's Mum given a voice

    She just lost three sons surely she had something to say about it

    7. Why cant the other side shoot as straight as the hero

    How many times have I thought the hero survives due to one sided marksmanship

    8. Why don't those explosions that land near the hero have shrapnel

    Just to add to the fact the enemy cant hit a barn door the munitions they use don't work either

    9. Why aren't there any wounded among the enemy

    Not only can't the enemy shoot but in almost every battle there is a 100% fatality rate amongst them

    10. They just focus on the warrior class what about the rest

    The reality is that 80% of participants in war are just cannon fodder

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