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10 Jobs to Make $2000 in a Weekend

I called Matt Barrie, the CEO of Freelancer.com, a half billion dollar company that allows people to post short-term jobs/ "gigs", and people from around the world take those jobs.

15 million jobs a month are posted on Freelancer.com

He is the only person in the world with the data. So I picked up the phone, forced my way to the top and asked him:

How can someone who is stuck, or who just lost their job, survive?

Can they make $2000 in a weekend? And what skills do they need to learn. My only request: the skills should be easily learnable within 3-4 months.

He said, let me get back to you. He did his research. He answered.

He told me a list of jobs. Then I researched places where you can learn the skills for cheap or free.

I don't want people to be scared like I was. I get sad when I see the emails from people who are feeling stuck.

This is the direction people need to go.

It's a world of skills. Not a fake economy of degrees and false validation.

Below is what they sent me. Note, when it says "we" or "I" below, it's because it's from the people at freelancer who wrote me to answer my question.

    1. Video Animation

    Video Animation – video projects for KickStarter/Indiegogo or an animation explainer videos for a new product/service launch are an easy and quick job to do online.

    2. Programming

    Programming – e.g. for Ecommerce stores (Shopify, Magento), we have seen a huge increase in ecommerce, as well as social media commerce

    3. Website testing or scraping

    Website testing or Web Scraping – last minute changes on the site before the big launch, companies want to make sure the site would work as intended so they simply hire someone to test it throughout

    4. Website development and design

    Website Development and Design (as you said, Wordpress fits in this category) – it can be templated but it’s quick and efficient and it looks good

    5. Children's book illustration

    Children’s Book Illustration – incredibly popular job on the site that pays quite well. Self-publishing is a big thing these days and illustrators on the site can provide for a huge range of different design styles that fit any requirements

    6. Writing

    Writing – we have seen numerous requests from people needing help with their business plans or book editing hiring experts in the field on Freelancer.com. It’s especially popular among not native speakers when they need something done in English or another language and they want to do it right

    7. 3D Rendering

    3D Rendering and Architecture Design – huge skill on the site, studios are willing to pay a lot of money to get last minute support and help with their projects or contests

    8. Software Architecture

    9. App development

    App development – full time staff or freelance temp workers may not always be available to help out, especially during the weekends, while our developers on the site can easily fix any issue or help to finalise the project when deadlines are tough

    10. Photoshop

    Photoshop or any other design work  - companies would pay substantial money to have their PowerPoint, Infographics, Brochures or Keynote presentations designed by a professional designer on the site.

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