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10 Jobs/Things Young People Should do

Make them well-rounded, give them perspective, and build some grit.

Any other suggestions?

    1. Wait tables at a restaurant

    This is a hard job. No matter where you go. It's a grind. People get upset about their food.

    You really learn how to manage people, remember things, and how to solve problems.

    2. Bartend

    Managing a busy bar is difficult. You can actually get paid really well, if you are a top end bartender. Knew a guy making low six figures bartending in NY and Miami in his early 20's. He now owns restaurants and has done really well for himself, without going to college.

    You'll need to listen to people's problems and have conversations when things are slow. When it is busy, you are going to have to think on your feet .

    Even if you don't become a great bartender, it's a great skill that will impress people in social situations as you age. Everyone likes a special drink!

    3. Mow Lawns/Shovel Snow

    Have never shoveled snow, but it sounds difficult and would be good for people to do.

    Having a summer lawn business is fantastic for young people. You have to find clients, get up early, go work in the sun, and do a good job in a timely manner.

    Lawncare is also a business where you can eventually make more than the average doctor or lawyer, if you expand and grow your business.

    4. Play a Sport or Compete in a Game

    If you have time and any talent, it's great for people to play a sport, of any kind. You'll learn a lot about yourself, and how to manage your emotions. If you're on a team, you will learn how to be a good teammate and how to mentor others.

    If you aren't athletic, play chess, or poker, or compete in eSports. You will learn very similar lessons to playing a sport and you won't sweat as much. You will still burn a lot of calories as the mind is really cranking at 100%!

    5. Peace Corps/Military/Volunteer

    Have always wished the US would require young people, after finishing High School, to either enter the military, or volunteer for a few years.

    Upon successful completion, your college or vocational school, or business grant would be paid for.

    This would allow you to travel. See new things. Meet new people. Humble yourself. And find different perspectives about the world.

    My uncle joined the Peace Corps after HS and it sounded like the best experience of his life. Visiting Africa. He did get Malaria, but he's still kicking today.

    6. Teach/Mentor

    You learn a lot about a skill when you try and teach it to someone else.

    It's surprising how many people who are good at something, haven't learn the skill to teach or mentor others.

    Once you've made it, you will now be equipped to help the next generation.

    This will prevent you from becoming Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell and hanging on way too long past your prime....

    7. Sales

    Everyone needs to learn how to sell. Mainly, you need to learn how to sell yourself. You'll always be trying to interview for jobs, acquire new customers, keep customers, keep a job, ask for a promotion, etc.

    Sales is hard, and can even be unfair, if you have a bad territory or terrible product. So it goes.

    8. Join a Club

    Join the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the local political party branch, the science club, whatever.

    Learn how to meet and interact with people in a setting you are a beginner.

    9. Learn a Martial Art/Self-Defense/Gun safety

    Just try it. Expose yourself. This can be one of those things where if you get a great teacher, you will like it, and otherwise it's no fun.

    You could even lump in a Gun safety course. Even if you don't want to own one, it will allow you to understand and respect a weapon.

    10. Change a Tire

    Very good skill to have. You might be able to help someone.

    In my time as a licensed driver, I've had more flat tires than I can remember. Maybe if the young people had to volunteer and make sure our roads and bridges were smooth and safe, I wouldn't have had this issue...

    Now, I pay for AAA, but I could still probably change a tire in a jam.

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