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10 Leo Tolstoy quotes I like from A Calendar of Wisdom

    1. Every thought which comes into our head invariably either damages or enhances our lives - irrespective of whether or not we put it into words.

    Lucy Mallory

    2. Do not seek popularity in making others feel ashamed. Good people should refrain from making other people's shame public even those people who have done them harm. Never remind the repentant person of the sins he may once have committed.

    The Talmud

    3. There was a time when people ate human flesh without thinking that they were doing anything wrong, and such primitive people still exist even today.

    But people who eat human flesh are gradually dying out. ANd, in just the same way, people are slowly beginning to stop eating the meat of animals. The time will very soon come when people will find the idea of eating the meat of animals as repellent as eating that of humans. - After Lamartine, 'A Shameful Human Infirmity'

    4. We can acquire wisdom in three ways: through meditation, the noblest way; through imitation, the easiest way; and through experience, the hardest way


    5. Remember that to change your opinion and to do everything to correct your mistake is closer to freedom than to persist in your mistake

    Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

    6. In order not to spill anything from a vessel that is full you need to hold it firmly upright.

    In order to have a sharp blade you need to keep on sharpening it. So it is with your soul, if you seek true blessing in your life. - Lao-Tzu

    7. Everything that providence sends to every living person is useful - and, moreover, it is useful at the particular time that we receive it.

    Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

    8. Anything that you have given away is yours; but anything you have kept back for yourself is lost for ever.

    Eastern wisdom

    9. It is only how much effort we put into something that will be taken into consideration. For it is only effort which reveals us in our true light.

    The Koran

    10. The name "scientist" means only that someone has studied something or other, but it does not mean that he has learnt anything


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