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10 lessons from 10 books

What lessons do I still remember from books I've read.

    1. Reframing (Win Bigly)

    How can two people view a situation completely differently (Eg. Any story about Trump)? It's due to our framing. Framing happens before you're even aware of a story. Preconceptions, trust, expertise, word choice ect. All play a part in molding how well see the situation.

    If something is making you upset, taking a step back and looking at the situation from other angles will help you reframe the situation to end up happier Eg. Experimenting is a reframe on the win/lose mindset many use. I didn't fail, I learned how not to do it.

    2. Feelings > Logic (Alchemy)

    At least in predicting how people will act. People buy products that make them feel good, not necessarily the ones that make most logical sense. Eg. Toothpastes don't need to taste of mint, have stripes, foam on your mouth to work, but would you buy one that didn't? Probably not. Tablets are basically all the same yet we feel a deerer brand will make us feel better, and they do, but only due to the placebo effect.

    For persuasion purposes, focus on how they feel, rather than what makes logical sense.

    3. Separate correlation from causation (mental models)

    This book is full of great, bitesized advice. This bit stands out as I saw a lot of data misread during covid 5g towers are causing covid, everywhere they're set up has the biggest no. Of covid cases. They also both happen to be located in densely populated areas, isn't that more likely the cause for both?

    Pausing when you see graphs and asking if it's correlation or causation will stop you from making bad assumptions.

    4. Purple cow (purple cow)

    We pay little attention to a field of cows,but if we saw a purple cow it would have our full focus. Being different helps direct focus to us. If you're selling, how can you make your product different enough so that it stands out? How are you different enough to stand out?

    5. Don't criticize, condemn or complain (how to win friends and influence people)

    Doing these things just creates a devision. People don't like being criticised or condemned and noone wants to hear someone complain, it's draining.

    'With malice towards noone, with charity for all ' - Abe Lincoln

    People act on emotions not logic. These things feel a lot like an attack and people will act accordingly. Praise will reep much greater results.

    6. Meaning (man's search for meaning)

    If you have a meaning you can push through anything. The author was in the nazi concentration camps, what helped push him through was his meaning to write his book and share his knowledge with the world. What's your meaning? What would help push you through the worst times?

    7. Things are getting better (Factfulness)

    The media has us believe that the world is a lot worse than it really is. That's what sells. But this book points out that the world is getting better at a fast pace. Well worth a read if you want to restore your hope in humanity.

    8. 10000 experiments (Skip the line)

    Instead of stopping when you fail, try something different. Keep trying until you succeed. Don't view each attempt as a failure, view it as a lesson.

    This has helped me reduce my need for perfection. Trying, seeing what works and adapting allows you to start earlier and learn more rapidly. You'll soon beat your initial idea of perfection.

    9. 80/20 (the 80/20 principle)

    This pattern appears everywhere in life, 80% of good is caused by 20%. Eg. 80% of sales come from 20% of staff, 80% of yield comes from 20% of crops, 80% of profit comes from 20% of products.

    This allows you to focus on less. Focus on the 20% and you'll get the biggest gains.

    What are the 80/20's in your life?

    What 20% should you focus on?

    10. Less time (the 4 hour workweek)

    Taking from the 80/20 rule. How can you achieve your 5 year plan on 5 months?

    If you focus on what gets you the most gains you may not get the exact life you imagined but if you get 80% of that you're still winning.
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