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10 Life Lessons From the Movie "The Terminal"

Yesterday, Netflix suggested I watch "The terminal," which I have seen many times. So I did as I was in my resting/recharging mode.

10 Life Lessons From the Movie "The Terminal"

    1. Things Happen in Life over which we have no control

    Things happen in life, and we should take time to digest them. But eventually, we should continue the journey.

    2. Every obstacle is an opportunity for growth

    The Viktor who landed at JFK and the Viktor who left JFK for the Jazz bar are two different people. Viktor was transformed.

    3. When you have a strong foundation and act with integrity, making the right decision becomes easier, even if it means giving up short term gains. Your gut will guide you.

    4. We can adapt to new situations and environments more than we think

    We are simply not giving ourselves a chance to prove it to ourselves :)

    5. Every awakening hour is an opportunity to create, build, write, and make a small dent in this world.

    Do not wait for that promotion or your dream job. Write that blog, and push that bug fix to help the open-source community. Just do, and good things will follow.

    Viktor started by fixing the wall and was making more money than most airport staff :)

    6. “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

    Viktor was on a mission.

    7. Life gives to the giver

    When you help people, they want to help you back.

    Viktor was helping anyone and everyone whenever he could.

    8. Transactional relationships will get you just that, a transaction

    Transformational relationships will transform you.

    9. If you want to learn anything faster, put constraints

    You can achieve anything when you have a strong WHY and few options.

    Viktor learned to speak English by reading and comparing English text to its translated version :)

    10. Trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

    If you have the right foundation, a bias for action, a gentle and kind heart, and just a dash of courage, you can achieve anything :)

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