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10 Life Mottoes to Live By

The following mottoes are just some personal affirmations I try to keep in mind.
Don't take anything I'm saying as gospel. If you like this list, use it as inspiration to come up with your own life philosophy.

    1. No More Time Travel

    Constantly ruminating over past regrets or having anxiety about future events blinds you from present opportunities.

    Trust your ability to make decisions and make the best out of your current situation.

    2. It’s Better to Get Wrapped up in Your Own Fantasies Than Someone Else’s Nightmares

    It feels like the world is constantly feeding you nightmares in order to sell you something, even when nothing seems to be for sale.

    A good fantasy can inspire you and spur you to take action to manifest your dreams in this reality.

    3. The Only Person You Need to Impress Is Yourself

    Unless you're an entrepreneur, then you also need to impress your customers!

    Otherwise, as long as you can look in the mirror and sleep soundly at the end of the day, the opinions of others don't count for much.

    4. Taking One Path Is Better Than Eternally Staring at the Fork in the Road

    Analysis paralysis is something that dominates my life. There are so many things I want to do, but I only have so much time to do them. If I take too long to decide what to do first, I end up doing nothing.

    In this case, it is better to choose one task to work on or goal to work towards than to stress yourself out and do nothing.

    5. Anything Worth Doing Should Be Started as Soon as Possible

    Life is short and there are enough roadblocks stopping you from doing what needs to be done without personal hesitation being added to the mix.

    If there's something you need to do, do it now! If it's impossible to do now, then start as soon as you can!

    6. Level Yourself Up

    If I spent even a fraction of the time I spent gaming on my real life instead, I would be much closer to living the life I desire.

    Time that you spend exercising or learning new skills can't be taken from you the same way progress in a game is lost when you forget to save.

    7. Let Your Opinions Be Your Own

    It is so easy to get overwhelmed by opinions and ideas of others that it can be hard to determine what are really your own thoughts.

    Take time to formulate your own opinions and experiment whenever possible to be sure you're not living in someone else's worldview.

    8. Time and Pressure

    A lump of coal is formed into a diamond by millions of years of heat and pressure deep underground.

    Most things worth doing take time and consistent action (pressure) to accomplish. Big sporadic actions usually accomplish less than regular and consistent actions over time.

    9. There Is Always a Way

    Unless what you want to do violates the laws of physics, there is always a way to do it. The solution isn't always obvious, but it is possible to find with a lot of creativity and effort.

    10. If Life Is a Dream, Don’t Worry About It

    Again, life is short, and some people believe this reality isn't even real.

    If life is just a dream, why let worries and regrets rule it?

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