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10 luxuries we take for granted

I realize that a sizable portion of the planet's population does not have access to several of the items on this list. The amazing thing is how many do have such access; how those of us with it take it for granted; and how we enjoy so much more of these luxuries than even the privileged ruling class had 100 years ago. There is so, so much more than could possibly fit on a list like this. I mean, come on, are you not amazed anymore at the fact that you can even read this stuff on the device you're using?


    1. Hot showers.

    2. Microwave ovens.

    3. Canned/bottled soda.

    4. Refrigeration.

    5. Paved roads.

    6. Meat/sugar/bananas/hummus/everything else in grocery stores

    7. Ability to drive a car.

    8. Have a real-time, no-lag, free conversation with someone halfway around the world.

    9. Public libraries.

    10. Incredible book collections on my pocket computer.

    As James says, you don't have a phone, you have a phone app on your pocket computer (along with all those books).

    11. BONUS: Fire.

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