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10 Meals I Cook Often

"Cook" is a loose term.... Do think eating food right after it is cooked helps a lot!

    1. Steak

    At least 1x a week I'll cook a steak and split with my wife. Medium Rare. On the skillet. Salt and Pepper.

    2. Baked Chicken Parmigiana

    Starting to enjoy making this. Grilled chicken breast. Can of Tomato Paste. Salt and Pepper. Mozzarella and Parmigiana Cheese. Bake in Oven.

    3. Tacos

    Sometimes it's just taco meat with beans and cheese.

    4. Eggs and Bacon

    Scrambled or Over-medium

    5. Pesto-Pasta

    Haven't made this in some time. Usually go penne with pesto. Also, basil pesto works too. Don't use too much sauce. Here's the secret, once it is done, fry it on a skillet for about a minute. Makes it crispy.

    6. Pizza

    Sometimes it was a low-carb almond flour crust. Got really good at homemade pizza. Pepperoni/Mozzarella/Tomato sauce.

    7. Fried Egg Sandwich

    Make your Egg (scrambled or fried). Then butter up some bread. Put Cheddar or Cream Cheese inside. Last, fry the sandwich on the skillet.

    8. Ground Beef and Cream Cheese Casserole

    Brown some ground beef. Mix in some cream cheese. Bake it with some more cheese on top. Very filling.

    9. Salad

    Love Caesar. Pair with chicken, steak, salmon, cottage cheese.

    10. American Crepes?

    Make a thin pancake with oil. Fry it up. Put a little peanut butter on it and then add a little syrup.

    11. Order Out

    A lot easier than cooking. Also, if you split a meal with someone or save half for later, it might be better than cooking at home.

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