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10 Members of GI Joe You've Probably Never Heard Of...

GI JOE started as a 12" doll or action figure for kids in the 1960s. While it sold well, it was never a big hit. In 1982 the line was re-imagined in 3.75" scale, (similar to the popular) Star Wars figures at the time. This toy line became an immediate success with some characters like Scarlett and Snake-Eyes becoming household names. But in an effort to keep sales and interest high, the toy line released new figures and vehicles every year. While some of these were re-releases of older characters or vehicles; most were new designs to be introduced to kids and the buying public. As a result, the elite GI JOE team ended up having well over 100 members at its peak. While many of these characters have fans who grew to love them through either the toy line or the comic book lin. There are at least many Joes who have been totally forgotten.

10 Members of GI Joe You've Probably Never Heard Of...

    1. Darklon

    Destro's cousin for those keeping track at home.

    2. Clean Sweep

    A Monsters Inc escapee.

    3. Scoop

    GI Joe's camera man.

    4. Banzai

    Not a bad code name but.... a neon ninja? This character was released in 1993. Which was at LEAST 5 years too late for anything about him to resonate with fans.

    5. Dee-Jay

    GI Joes sound system dude. Rockin great war jams!

    6. Crystal Ball

    The crazy Cobra hypnotist who looks like a cross between Khan th Klingon and Vincent Price.

    7. Ice Cream Soldier

    Another victim of the Neon Era. Worst code name ever. Especially for a Flame Thrower trooper. Maybe it was a form of psy ops.

    8. Colonel Courage

    Cool code name and came with some good accessories but his combat specialty is Administrative Strategist. That's what every kid wants their soldier to be..

    9. Space Shot

    So obscure and easily forgotten that even some GI JOE references fail to list this action figure.

    10. Toll Booth

    Not a bad figure that was released early on with the bridge laying vehicle. OK. But then Hasbro decided to re-release the figure on his own. And what amazing weapons did he use to fight Cobra? Orange highway cones. Yep. He came with cones.

    11. Bonus: You've likely at least heard of him but had no idea he became part of GI Joe.

    William "The Fridge" Perry! Yep. Straight off the offensive line of the Chicago Bears and onto the front lines fighting terrorists.

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